Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Uinta snowpack

An interesting site that I was turned on to.  This shows the snowpack relative to a normal year, with very official data.  The redder the shading, the lower the snowpack. True red is to the tune of 3 feet less snow pack than average.  Bluer is higher than average.  Data is current as of March 2015, so... now.

Snowpak in the Uintas compared to avg; redder is lower.
This is great news for me personally, because I have to go much earlier than I was hoping to due to vacation schedule requirements.  I was very concerned that my early hike time would interfere with the plans I had hoped to accomplish.  This looks very promising that I'll have August like conditions in very early July, when I'm there.  For me personally, at least, that's great news.

Not so good for the folks who may want reliable water in 2015, but since I can't do anything about that, I'll take that it's good for me and be grateful and then go on from there.

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