Friday, March 6, 2015

Scaling back

Well, I realized that I had an extra day planned in my itinerary; that is, I'm going to have to cut it a day short.  Add to that some potential other constraints; i.e., meeting my brother's scheduling needs, and the fact that my itinerary was probably a bit too packed/ambitious to begin with, I'm thinking I may need to cut it back a little bit.  I'm considering making the following change:

  • Start on Monday at Bald Mountain.  Because my brother and I will be coming from different directions, this makes the most sense, and I can meet him somewhere in the area on Monday.  Because I can't there too early, this is a good one to set up a base-camp, stay there maybe two nights and do some day hiking.  I'd like to hike to the summit of Bald Mountain (there's actually a trail that goes to the top) but I'd like to do a loop around Notch Mountain and Mount Watson, and maybe hit an off-trail summit or two there two.
  • If we go into the Wilderness area itself on Wednesday morning, that gives us probably four days to explore in an out-and-back fashion.  This would be the Naturalist Basin and Rock Creek Basin exploration, with the potential to get my brother back on the road sometime on Saturday.  Three days, I guess, if he wants to hit the road Saturday morning instead of Saturday evening.  If that's the case, I'd probably cut Naturalist, since I was there last year, and just see Rock Creek instead, maybe in more detail.
  • I don't need to be done hiking until Monday evening, though, which gives me two to three more days, depending on when Samuel packs out.  Depending on how much time I have, I'm considering either the Red Castle area, or bailing on the Uintas entirely and doing Timpanogos.  My only concern with the the latter in particular is that there may be 4th of July weekenders all over the mountain, making for a crowded experience.  I'm also considering bailing on the Uintas to go see something else entirely, like the La Sal or Henry Mountains, or Goblin Valley State Park and the Wild Horse and Bell slot canyons, or something.  The first of the options is probably the most ambitious, the middle option has potential crowd issues (although on Sunday/Monday after the holiday, maybe I'm overestimating how bad it'll be) and the last of the options is more wide open, but I'll have to merely (and probably unsatisfyingly) sample some of those locations rather than really see them like I'd like to.  Those also will require a fair bit of driving to reach.  And they may have crowd issues too, for all I know.

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