Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Uintas 2015

Starting with a few pictures first, here's our "altitude acclimatization" day at the Bear River camp, Bald Mountain pass, and the Provo River falls.
Alex at the Bear River

Cliffs of Bald Mountain Pass

Our campsite at Bear River.  The pump gave us rusty water that we didn't like.  We ended up refilling water bottles in the river instead.

Alex on the river.  I was standing in it in my "river shoes."

The view from Bald Mountain Pass, including the distant Wasatch range.

Pyramidal mountains of the western Uinta range.

Alex scampering around the cliffs of Bald Mountain pass right after a pounding hailstorm blew through.

The picture that made Mom nervous...

Nice view of the cliffs.  We weren't really that high, of course, and the bench/ledge system made it easy to navigate by scrambling without ever feeling anything "technical."

I sent Alex a bit out to help give a sense of scale.

Looking back out over the pass to the east.

We couldn't help doing a little scrambling.  It was fun.

Looking towards the west.  The clouds are just starting to clear again.

Lots of rocks.

My radioactive green shirt.  The mountain behind me is, I believe, Haystack.

Alex at the upper falls.

The view area was a little too touristy for our taste; we left it and went scrambling down to the middle and lower falls off trail on the other side of the river.

Provo river falls

Alex still climbing around near the falls.

Surveying his domain.  Middle falls?  Lower falls?  Can't remember anymore.

Alex near the lower falls.

Trying to get back out from the lower falls was actually easier said than done.

Looking out towards Agassiz; where I went last year.

Agassiz from the Mirror Lake Hwy.

Hayden from Mirror Lake Hwy.

More of the peaks near the highway.

Two-pronged Kletting peak; I camped and scrambled all over the far side of this mountain last year, but due to an error in route-finding where I went for the subpeak instead of the actual peak, I never actually made the summit.

Ostler and Spread Eagle from back near the Bear River ranger station.

A-1 peak from near the ranger station.

A more panoramic spread of the peaks from the ranger station.

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