Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Naturalist Basin

Prior to posting my own trip report (and poor photographs); I thought I'd link to this image gallery.  From the looks of it, he did the same trip I did, including stopping at Scudder Lake, ringing Jordan Lake by taking the right hand fork in the Naturalist Basin, and then climbing up to Shaler and Faxon Lakes.

Then he did more than I did, by getting up on the ridge separating Mount Agassiz and Spread Eagle Peak, and taking a bunch of pictures from the ridge.  Then he went further along the bench to the Morat Lakes and Blue Lake.  I never got quite that far; I headed for Blue Lakes twice from the floor of Naturalist Basin, but the first time I lost the trail and turned around.  The second time, I found the trail, but was pretty beat and gave up climbing up to the bench rather than continuing on to Blue Lake.  Regrets, regrets!


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