Tuesday, November 25, 2014

For next summer: an epic variation

So, I talked in my last post about a loop from Bald Mountain into Red Castle Basin, an ascent over the passes and west into Little East Fork.

Here's a link to a description of that particular route.

On the other hand, this route here, proposes a ridgeline hike up above Red Castle basin (on the ridge just to the west) which is supposedly an easy walk, also returning via Little East Fork.

It occurs to me, though, that I could combine elements of the two of these.  Go to Red Castle via the first route, and return back to the trailhead via the ridge-walk.  This also gives the benefit that, assuming a two-day trip, you do the ridge-walk early enough in the day to avoid the most likely time of day for bad weather.

You avoid doing the Little East Fork part of the hike, but on the other hand, you get some great, expansive views on both legs of the trip of vast alpine tundra.  I'm seriously considering making this combination of these two routes the final leg of my Uintas trip next summer.  I really like this.

And check out the views, on the page linked here, of the ridgeline hike.

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