Monday, January 23, 2017

Colorado instead of Wyoming

Well, my hiking partner won't be able to go in August.  After a few moments of thought, I made another proposal to him: how about going in September?  And if we go in mid to late September, how about going somewhere where the fall colors will be a part of the experience?  For this, I'm thinking of course of the Maroon Bells Four Pass Loop.

It's a little on the short side; probably three nights, although I know of plenty of people who have done it in less (I probably won't.)

But I'd like to add a smaller overnighter as an add-on while in the area.  So, I resurrected my old "Two Colorado Trips in one" map, and added two more potential hikes to it.  What I'm really thinking of most are the Four Pass Loop plus the Castles Route, in the nearby West Elks Wilderness.  The Blue Lakes I like, but I think it's both far enough away and big enough of a hike (including lots of elevation gain) so I'll probably do it as part of a different trip with something else in Colorado.  I also added the Holy Cross hike, but it has some of the same problems as Blue Lakes, so the Castles Route; an out and back, is the best one to add to the Four pass loop.

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