Tuesday, May 21, 2013

List of high priority hikes to make

I love lists.  This is one; my kind of "top picks" for hikes I'd like to do in the relatively short term.  Short term is relative, though--this list will probably take me years to complete.
  • Wind Rivers--Cirque of the Towers loop from Big Sandy trailhead
  • Teton Crest Trail
  • High Uinta Wilderness--probably more interested in hiking to various basins and exploring rather than doing an end to end trip of the Highline Trail.
  • Various Glacier National Park day hikes, including Highline Trail and hike to Icerberg Lake (among others)
  • Various Moab UT day hikes, including exploring the Fisher Towers, and a good solid week or so of day hikes in Arches National Park.  Also a few days to hike to and camp in Chesler Park.
  • Devil's Postpile to Thousand Island Lakes loop via PCT and JMT sections.
  • Rae Lakes Loop (as described in Potterfield's book.)
  • Maroon Bells loop in Snowmass Wilderness.
  • Mt. Timpanogos summit, including stops at the airplane crash sites.
  • Chicago Basin exploration and base-camp, to summit Sunlight Peak in the San Juans.
  • Exploration of the White Trinity Alps, to Papoose Lake and/or Grizzly Lake
  • Hurricane Wash to Coyote Gulch to Stevens Arch, then back again.
  • Summit Mt. LeConte via Alum Bluffs and the Natural Arch in Great Smokies.  Preferably in October.
  • Chisos Rim and desert loop in Big Bend National Park.
  • Art Loeb Trail, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Again, October is higly desirable.
  • Mount Rushmore-Harney Peak Loop--as described in Potterfield's book.)
  • Grand Canyon loop hikes--either Rim to Rim to Rim, or the Hermit-Tonto-Bright Angel loops
  • Wonderland Trail
  • A good Sawtooth Mountains loop hike
  • Eagle Cap wilderness exploration

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